Mistresses, popularly known as Mpango Wa Kandos, are getting more confident by the day.

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A few years ago, if a lady was having an affair with a married man she would do everything in her might to ensure that his wife does not find out about the fling.

But those days are long gone, gone with the wind. In the society that we live in today, once a woman finds out that her husband has a mistress, she could as well file for a divorce.

Truth is, she will be fighting a losing battle if she decides to go up against the other woman and history has proven this to be true.

Listen up ladies, if you husband cheats on you file for divorce and milk every last penny out of him so that it either pains him so much or he’s left dead broke.

Not unless you decide to take the bull by the horns and fight for what you feel is rightfully yours. Team courage aye?

Take for instance a certain woman who decided to reach out to her husband’s mpango wa kando – maybe because she wanted to iron out things with her.

The wife ended up getting hurt since mistress decided to tell her how her husband asks for her opinion on every decision he makes, including which school he should take the kids to.

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Here are the screenshots:

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