The days of a thief are forty so goes the popular saying. And for one notorious carjacker, he decided that if at all he’ll be caught in the act, then he won’t go down without a fight.

A video of the said carjacker has surfaced on social media and elicited a heated debate with a handful blaming the men in blue for being too lenient.

According to reports, the man decided to dive under the car that he had stolen after he was cornered by the flying squad officers who were trailing him.

Apparently, the man had stolen the car in Nakuru and the officers caught up with him a few kilometers away from the busy town in Kinungi.

Seeing there was no way he way gating out of this alive, the ma decided to crawl under the stolen car to avoid being shot dead. Fortunately, it worked for him.

Here is the video:

click for video

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