Wema Sepetu Calisah

Choices have consequences. Whatever you do, always just know there are repercussions  and you should be ready for everything.

Well, word is that a popular model Calisah’s grandmother has committed suicide.This comes barely a few days after a video of Calisah and Wema Sepetu, (Diamond Platnumz’ ex) getting cozy surfaced online.

According to reports, the super fine model’s wife was forced to leave him so as to sort out the mess. After the video surfaced, Calisah became bitter threatening to teach the person who leaked it a big lesson because it was only Wema and him who were in possession of the exclusive video.

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“This thing will pass. You, who made me shed tears beginning Monday to today (Tuesday) let me not find you. You’ll know how much of a bad person I am. I am sure to find you within two days. No one knows my story,” said Tanzania’s finest male model.

Calisah recently cleared the air during a recent interview and this is what he said;

“I was chatting with Wema Sepetu when a notification popped on the screen of my phone. When I clicked on it, I was shocked to see the video of Wema and I kissing. I enquired from Wema who could have leaked the video online, but she said she doesn’t know,” Narrated Calisah.


If this is true then too bad for Calisah. The leaked video triggered his grandmother to commit suicide. Wema has dated Diamond Platnumz and BBA winner Idris Sultan among other Tanzania’s top celebrities.