It’s the festive season and most people especially men prefer spending time at entertainment joints.

Well, if you’re tempted to visit a city brothel, please be very careful.

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Anyway, here are some of the things you must know before visiting a brothel, go through

  1. Mchele sio pishori pekee

2. Hii (boobs and buttocks) sio mtumba! kushika ni pesa

3. Vaa condom boss! Protect yourself! Brothels Sex-menu

4. Don’t dare go down on her!

5. Usikubali kuitwa boss, hun, uncle or chairman! utaamka 2018 ukiwa Kenyatta hospital

6. Kama huna pesa vaa boxer ya padlock

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7. Don’t take photos

8. Make sure you have enough money for drinks, tips and fare

9. Kama ananuka run for your life. STDs are real

10. Stop flashing your expensive phone, it will be ‘taken’ by force.

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