Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo is one woman who always seems to be smiling, has a bubbly personality that translates onto the screen ultimately drawing her audiences into her frame.

Betty Kyallo


But that belies a woman who has gone through a lot if you ask her. Betty you see has had a short-lived marriage to Dennis Okari and also been subject to rumours surrounding the reason for its demise.

Betty Kyalo and Dennis Okari
When they were in love

She has also been linked with a stylish governor although she has never confirmed the claims herself. Many of her followers are always speculating about what is going on in her love life at the moment.

One of the prevalent themes the followers have whether she will get back with her ex-husband Dennis Okari?

Betty Kyalo and Dennis Okari
The two on vacation

Just recently one of her followers had a funny quip about whether Betty was for Okari? What exactly does that even mean?

Betty you see had just shared a sultry photo with a caption that suggested she was a strong independent lady:

Went to war came back alive on top of that became a black female captain.

Betty Kyallo

But one fan called Karey felt it was her duty to remind Betty that she was still Okari’s despite the divorce. Karey wrote in a tongue in cheek manner:

Betty wa Okari. na nisisikie nyef nyef.

But Betty who is really good at dealing with online trolls and criticism retorted with a standard one-line response that took the cake.

Betty Kyallo

She wrote back:

mimi ni wa yesu please.

Betty Kyallo screenshot
The screenshot

That ladies and gentlemen is a lady who enjoys the company of a man in her life she can’t see. Good for her.

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