Someone is playing a funny joke on comedian Smart Joker, or he is not very smart when asking damsels for nudes.

Leaked screenshots of his conversation with what clearly looked like a female companion he is familiar with, has leaked online. And they have gone viral.

In one text message, Smart Joker allegedly texts, “Wife ata interfere so jua utakubali niigie mahali kama washroom,” adding, “Ngoja wife yuko karibu.”

He continues, “Nikikuonyesha nawe pia unionyeshe. Tit for tat. Don’t talk. Please just show.”

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The Churchhill Live comedian begs, “Please toa suruali, please nitakushow. please.”

“You are hot. Nimesimamaaaa. Namwagaaaa.”

Called for comment about the said screenshots, the comedian denied being the author of the racy sexts.

“I am still wondering about those screenshots. All I can say is, the issue is still under investigation. There are people on the ground who are working to find out who did that.”

Smart Joker added, “You have seen many things happen to comedians. Utaskia ‘Ohh, Churchill amefanya hivi, na unaona number yake iko hapo.’ But ukimuuliza anasema si yeye alifanya hivyo. That is the same case with me.”

Asked what his wife thinks of those racy text messages, he said, “My wife knows about that but she is busy and she knows her husband. What is there for her to comment about and she knows her husband? When you are married you know your spouse, and when something happens, the spouse will know how to handle that issue because you already know them more.

“I want that person who leaked those fake screen shots to face the consequences,” he concluded.

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Check out the screenshots that are allegedly between Smart Joker and a Nairobi damsel.








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