If there is a section of the global population that really gets in a fix by the post-Christmas financial effects, it is the Kenyan masses.

We are synonymous with bloated spending over the Christmas and New Year festivities, so much so, we forget there is life beyond that.

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Every year, over the festive season, thousands (if not millions) of Kenyans flock into supermarkets, posh entertainment spots, fashion shops, and most certainly drinking the most expensive alcohol they can (or can’t) afford, oblivious of the responsibilities that come shortly after ushering the New Year!

Talk of our proverbial “peculiar habits”!

Then enter Matiang’i!!! Parents have to pay school fees, rent, buy books, school uniforms, pay bus fare, buy food and meet other obligations that obviously require money!

The full effect of the heavy festivities spending is only truly realised in January, or better still, NJAANUARY!!!

Kenyans and their creativity, no matter the hardships they go through at any particular moment, never allow themselves to be drowned in their financial sorrows!

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The following MEMES made by Kenyans tend to ‘mock’ the so-called Njaanuary hilariously!

Take a look…

Parental Advisory: DON’T laugh alone!!!

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