Bridget Achieng

Bridget Achieng is too dramatic.

So now she wants to be the next president of the Republic of Kenya. Bridget has been associated with the men from the west and she is not shy about it at all. In fact, she loudly said that: Once you go west you never turn back.

I am sure you’re asking where is this coming from?

Bridget Achieng

Bridget and Mustafa have been rumored to be dating and sexing. Shaffie Weru during the reunion asked Bridget if she will ever accept to be the second wife of the king of lipunda. Bridget never ceases to amaze us.

wow! mustafa si mwanamme mbaya. Hajui anachotaka. There is a problem. He needs to stand here and state what type of woman he likes. Mustafa nilimpa chance kwa kweli lakini anamtaka Glammer Pam na yuwanitaka mimi. Itabidi achague. Na akichagua aende nayo kama mteremko hadi mwisho.

If this has shocked you, you are not ready for the next bombshell. Bridget Achieng explained why she finally wants to settle down. The reason is actually valid. Bridget has aspirations of becoming the next president of Kenya.

For you to have that post, you need to have family values and the best way to show that you embody family values is by actually having a family. She is willing to build that with Colonel Mustafa if only he decides to stand with her till the very end.

I am aspiring to be the next madam president and I need a serious guy who will not play around a man who will come to Bridget has to be focused and have money.

Bridget Achieng

Some cold blood from Glammer Pam was thrown all over. She was full of spite but calmly said:

muache, ashachagua. I can’t be second to anyone

This was after Mustafa and Bridget were getting all lovey-dovey on set. Mustafa threw shade telling her that she has to either be second or third because he already has a first wife.

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Colonel Mustafa and Pam

Mustafa asked the audience to help him chose a second wife because Noti Flow failed the test saying he actually loves them both. The audience and Shaffie told him to have both na awapige lipunda sawasawa.