Rex Kanyike: Young man shot in OccupyParliament protests dies

• Kenyans mourn Rex Kanyike who died after being shot in RejectFinanceBill 2024 march.

Rex Kanyike Masai
Image: Courtesy

Kenyans are mourning the death of a young man, Rex Kanyike Masai, who was shot during the Reject Finance Bill march in Nairobi's CBD. Rex died when police opened fire on protesters lingering in the area at night.

The alert about a body lying in the CBD was issued by a Twitter user, JA Sigommere, who tagged Boniface Mwangi and other influential users, providing the number of the young man's mother. Boniface responded and later shared the devastating news along with a picture of Rex's mother.

"I have met with Rex's mum, and we are on our way to the City Mortuary. Since it's a homicide, the police have said the body has to be booked in a public mortuary. After the postmortem, we shall move Rex. Her name is Gillian Munyao," Boniface reported.

He also updated about the steps being taken: "I'm sharing pictures of 24-year-old Rex Kanyike lying in the morgue with consent from his parents, Crispin Odawa and Gillian Munyao, who are standing over his body at City Mortuary. He was killed by the police this evening.

They're shocked and numb from the loss of their son," Boniface claimed.

MCA Davidson Ngibuini, also known as DNG, offered assistance: "Good morning. Poleni sana. If you have not already found a morgue, please bring Rex to the Nairobi Funeral Home.

He will be well taken care of, and we will waive the bill. Kindly let me know. No one deserves to die in the exercise of their democratic right to protest," he mourned the young man.

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