Occupy Parliament organisers declare 7-day anti-Finance Bill protests


• The death of Rex Kanyike Masai, 24, allegedly shot during Thursday evening's protests in Nairobi, has deeply impacted the movement. 

Kenyans protesting
Image: Mpasho

The organizers of anti-tax protests have outlined a series of upcoming events starting this Friday, culminating in the second round of Occupy Parliament demonstrations on Tuesday next week, coinciding with MPs' expected vote on the Finance Bill, 2024.

Boniface Mwangi, a prominent activist involved in the planning, expressed disappointment that despite widespread public opposition, the Bill advanced to the Second Reading stage following Thursday's parliamentary vote.

"Despite our peaceful protests, the police responded with bullets, resulting in the tragic deaths of two individuals, with many others injured and one in critical condition," he lamented. "We refuse to be silenced, and therefore, we march on."

The death of Rex Kanyike Masai, 24, allegedly shot during Thursday evening's protests in Nairobi, has deeply impacted the movement.

His body remains at City Mortuary, where activists including Mwangi gathered on Friday morning awaiting autopsy results.

The Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) has initiated investigations into the incident, offering condolences to Masai's family.

"After City Mortuary, we will attend Jumaah prayers at Jamia Mosque and distribute water to attendees," Mwangi announced. "On Saturday at midnight, all bars and clubs frequented by Gen Z will pause music to participate in a national moment rejecting the Finance Bill."

Mwangi called for churches on Sunday to deny speaking opportunities to MPs who voted 'Yes' on the Bill, emphasizing community action against those perceived as betraying Kenyan interests.

"Monday, June 24, will see us making courtesy calls to MPs' constituency offices, urging them to continue their actions and collecting signatures for their recall," Mwangi detailed.

Tuesday, June 25, marks the focal point with #OccupyParliament, a national strike supported by Gen Z to grant all hard-working Kenyans a day off, urging parents to keep their children at home in solidarity.

Wednesday's agenda includes visits to IPOA offices and the Inspector General of Police to demand justice for Kanyike, followed by further demonstrations on Thursday marching to State House, coinciding with the expected presidential ascent to the Bill.

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