Woman discharged from hospital among those injured in accident involving Tahmeed bus, tanker


•She had soft tissue injuries and abdominal pain

: Busia governor Paul Otuoma checking one of the patients at the Busia County Referral Hospital after the accident.

A woman who had been admitted for treatment at Busia County Referral Hospital (BCRH) and later discharged is among the people who were involved in an accident that left two people dead in Busia on Friday afternoon.

The woman, according to BCRH acting Medical Superintendent Dr Emma Namulala had visited the health facility seeking treatment on a malaria programme.

The woman had booked the Tahmeed Bus that was involved in the accident since she was on her way to Nairobi, Dr Namulala told reporters.

“We have one patient admitted following the accident who had visited us on a malaria programme and she had booked the Tahmeed Bus on her way to Nairobi,” Dr Namulala said.

“She has been readmitted following the accident because she had soft tissue injuries and abdominal pain but we have examined her and confirmed she does not have any internal bleeding and any other internal injuries.”

Namulala said the woman is in stable condition as doctors keep watch over her.

The woman is, however, in stable condition Dr Namulala said.

The lady is among eight patients who were admitted at the BCRH following Friday’s accident that claimed two lives at Mundika, Busia.

The accident involved a fuel tanker that was cruising towards Busia town from Kisumu and a Tahmeed bus which was travelling to Mombasa from Busia.

Those who died are claimed to be the driver and co-driver of the fuel tanker.

“We brought in eight patients who survived and two casualties as a result of the accident,” Dr Namulala said.


Others injured include an eight-year-old child who doctors said was in stable condition after X-ray examinations indicated the underaged had no injuries.

Others were admitted to ward Four for females. They include a woman who was admitted with multiple facial injuries while the second patient was taken to the facility after she also sustained facial bruises. Both patients are in stable condition, Dr Namulala said.

At the pediatric ward, one child was admitted with a fractured ankle.

“We have conducted X-rays scans and confirmed the infant is safe though the child had a fractured ankle,” Dr Namualala told reporters.

At ward Five occupied by male patients, three victims of the accident were admitted.

They include a man who fractured his right hip. The same patient, doctors said, also fractured the lower part of the right leg.

Another patient admitted to the same ward had bruises on the face and right leg while the third one had bruises on the face and the lower part of his limbs.

The co-driver of the Tahmeed bus had head injuries and doctors said on Friday evening that he may be referred to the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret for specialized treatment.

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