Concerns mount for Pst. William Mako missing since Saturday


• Eyewitnesses reported that Mako walked to Athi River-Namanga Road on foot and then took a matatu to Kitengela town.

Rev William Mosonik Mako was reported at Kitengela police station as a missing person before the lapse of 24 hours.
Image: Handout

The family of Reverend William Mako, a resident of Kisaju in Kajiado County, is searching for him after he left home on Saturday and has not been in contact since.

His uncle, Mzee Joseph Taani, mentioned that Mako left his Kisaju home on Saturday at 9 am. He informed his wife that he would not be returning home as he was attending a seminar at Olilalei Jesus Exaltation Church, located in the direction of Kajiado town.

Eyewitnesses reported that Mako walked to Athi River-Namanga Road on foot and then took a matatu to Kitengela town.

Taani clarified that he did not use his official car that Saturday and owns a butchery in the Chini ya Mnazi area of Kitengela CBD.

“I met my nephew on that Saturday near Yukos as he headed to Kitengela town, where he has a butchery. He was carrying some clothes in a bag, and he told me he would be attending a Church function in the Kangere area near Kajiado town later in the day,” Taani said.

Kisaju Assistant Chief Edward Maato mentioned that Mako, upon arriving at his butchery, wrote down the amounts of money he was owed and the money he owed to business associates.

He handed sealed letters containing this information to one of his workers.

“He then withdrew Sh11,000 from a Mpesa shop and handed over his phone to be charged,” the nephew said.

Mako called a bodaboda rider to drop him at the Kitengela bus station, near Kitengela police station, without his phone.

On Sunday, the family reported the matter to Kitengela police after discovering that Mako had not attended the Oloilalei church seminar. A photo of Mako was taken to Kitengela DCI on Monday for circulation in the country.

The family has handed over Mako’s phone to the police to assist in the investigation. The last person Mako had contact with was his bodaboda rider at 5 pm on Saturday in Kitengela.

Kitengela police confirmed that a report was filed at the station regarding the missing pastor.

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