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• Airbnb expressed shock over the events while at the same time emphasizing that the incidents are unrelated to accommodations booked through the platform.

Starlet Wahu and Roysambu murder suspect

American-based company Airbnb Tuesday said two apartments where two women were murdered in Nairobi's Roysambu and South B estates were not booked with them.

Airbnb expressed shock over the events while at the same time emphasizing that the incidents are unrelated to accommodations booked through the platform.

It said in a statement the locations where the murders occurred had no bookings registered on the platform for the reported dates, and that persons of interest in both cases did not have registered accounts.

"Over the past week, Kenya has witnessed two heinous crimes in the city of Nairobi. We are saddened and shocked to learn of these events, and our thoughts are with the victims’ loved ones during this difficult time," read the statement by the company.

"We can confirm that neither of these events were connected to stays on Airbnb. We do not have accounts registered to the names of the accused."

It added that "Airbnb is now a noun and a verb, and for many, a term used to describe an entire industry which is what we have seen in the reporting in Kenya over the past week."

“As a business built on trust, safety issues on Airbnb are incredibly rare and we implement measures to maintain safety on the platform in Kenya.”

Airbnb operates an online marketplace for short- and long-term homestays and experiences.

The company acts as a broker and charges a commission from each booking.

Airbnb is often used as a catch-all term to describe an entire industry, and the property is listed on other platforms such as

The first incident happened at an apartment in South B where socialite Starlet Wahu Mwangi was found murdered on January 4.

Police reports indicated that the deceased, 26, arrived at an apartment in South B, a day prior in the company of a man, identified as 34-year-old John Matara.

Video surveillance from the apartment captured Wahu and Matara entering an elevator within the apartment block before disembarking on the fourth floor and proceeding to their room, which they had reportedly rented for a night.

Police later discovered the deceased’s body lying in a pool of blood inside the apartment after the owner told authorities that Matara hastily left the premises wearing bloodstained clothes.

Ten days later the body of a 24-year-old woman was found dismembered and dumped in a dustbin in Roysambu.

The proprietor of the property, Risper Muthoni, said she received a call from the apartment's caretaker who discovered the said body parts.

The woman's remains have since been positively identified by her kin who declined to talk to media until police conclude investigations into the incident.

Police are investigating the murder incidents.

Authorities have ordered apartments offering accommodation services to register with the Tourism Regulatory Authority (TRA).

Tourism and Wildlife Cabinet Secretary Alfred Mutua, whose ministry is mandated with the registration and licensing of facilities offering private accommodation, has said that the Tourism Regulatory Authority (TRA) will rigorously enforce compliance and take legal action against any violations of licensing laws.

Mutuaurged members of the public to verify registration and license status of facilities to ensure compliance with outlined directives by the government.

He added that the ministry will conduct a comprehensive review of current TRA regulations to foster closer partnerships with accommodation providers.

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