Hunt for suspected thugs who killed Siaya cop extended to Uganda border


•The three had taken shelter from the rains at an abandoned house in Ruambwa Sub-location, Busia when the owner spotted them.


A team of detectives has been sent from Nairobi to the Kenya-Uganda border to back up those on the ground in the hunt for a gang that killed a cop.

The hunt for suspected thugs who killed a police officer and injured another one before robbing them of their rifles has intensified.

This is after the three men believed to have been behind the incident in Siaya were spotted in a village in neighbouring Busia county.

The men escaped later and abandoned an Arafat shawl they had, police said.

It is the same piece of cloth they had when they staged the attack on Monday morning in Siaya.

The three had taken shelter from the rains at an abandoned house in Ruambwa Sub-location, Busia when the owner spotted them.

Witnesses told police the three were in gumboots-two black and one white.

The strangers were found relaxed while warming themselves with a jiko, which they had lit in the house and informed the owner they were sheltering from the rains and that they were hawkers in the area popularly known as Malimali businessmen.

According to police, the owner of the house demanded to see what the trio was carrying in a sack and some small bag they had but they refused and stopped him from reaching them.

He tried to call the area assistant chief but the men snatched his phone.

He told police he managed to grab an AK-47 rifle which had protruded from the sack and struggled for some time as he was being hit on the back by the other two until they produced another black gun allegedly shorter than the AK-47 one.

Another neighbour who was with the owner of the house said he ran away on seeing the struggle.

He raised an alarm prompting the men to run away from the scene in the 5 pm incident.

"The trio then made their way towards Wanga Hills leaving behind an Arafat scarf red-white checked, a maroon T-shirt and a note titled " Naam Assalam Walaikum Ikhwan Fi LLAH”, police said.

Top security officers from Bunyala visited the scene as part of the probe.

The area was cordoned off in search of the said firearms which are strongly believed to have been robbed in the incident from the neighbouring county of Siaya.

The gang grabbed the two weapons- an AK47 with 30 bullets and an MP5 with 30 bullets and escaped on foot, police said.

One of the attackers wore an Arafat shawl while the other had a face mask on him.

They stabbed constable Edwin Erocho in the neck, face and chest killing him while his female colleague managed to escape into a bush but after being robbed of her rifle.

The incident happened on Monday, November 20 morning.

The colleague of the deceased was injured and is admitted to the hospital in stable condition, police said. 

They were escorting the papers to Mahero Secondary School.

The survivor was rushed to Rwamba Hospital and later moved to Siaya Referral Hospital.

Two knives and a black dustcoat were recovered at the scene of the murder, police said.

Police say they are yet to know the motive and those behind the incident.

The matter is under active probe.

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