FKE: Most desired credential by businesses is an information technology degree


• The survey was directed at businesses that belong to Federation of Kenya Employers.

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Image: Nathan Dumlao for Unsplash

According to a Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) poll, the most sought-after academic credential by businesses is an information technology degree.

According to the Skills Needs Survey Report from November 2023, information technology ranked first at 50.5%, with business management and the legal professions coming in second and third, respectively, at 48.4% and 36.5%.

“Workers with up to masters degree qualifications are mostly in demand in legal professions (10.4 per cent) while those with up to doctorate degree qualifications are in demand in education and training (3.1 per cent),” the report noted.

It also stated that careers in public safety, prisons, and security (4.8%), as well as the arts and recreational services (3.1%), are the most in demand for individuals with only a secondary degree.

Further research revealed that the job fields most in demand for people with TVET skills are transportation and logistics (26.5%), social service and community development (13.2%), and hospitality and tourism (11.1%).

According to the report, employers surveyed claimed they are more in need of workers with an undergraduate degree (43.8%), technical and vocational education and training (TVET) professionals (33.9%), and secondary school graduates (23.4%).

“From the survey, enterprises are in need of competence in information technology (28.4 per cent), finance and business management (27.4 per cent), engineering (19.2 per cent) transport, distribution and logistics (18.6 per cent) and legal (18.2 per cent),” the report noted.

The survey was directed at businesses that belong to FKE. The businesses operate all over the nation in a variety of economic areas, although they are concentrated in Nairobi, the Coast, the Western Region, and the Rift Valley.

521 businesses in all, with the bulk of them (58.3%) based in Nairobi, took part in the study.

The federation's members were given a questionnaire containing both closed- and open-ended questions in order to obtain primary data. Both online and offline administration of the questionnaire was done.

The voice and national umbrella organisation for employers in Kenya is FKE.

It provides a forum for the expression of the main issues regarding socioeconomic development that Kenyan employers are concerned about.

Representing employers' interests locally and globally, FKE is the most representative employers' group in the nation. In 1959, it was founded in accordance with Trade Unions Act Cap 233.

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