Examiner in Garissa dies after being hit by helicopter blades


• The examiner died on the spot after being hit in the head by the chopper blades.

The helicopter at the scene in Garissa on November 21, 2023

After being struck by chopper blades in the village of Ijara, Garissa, an examiner in the ongoing national tests has passed away.

After being struck in the head by the helicopter's blades, the examiner, a deputy head teacher at Masalani, passed away immediately.

According to witnesses, as he got off the helicopter, the back blade struck him.

Officials had not been advised to approach the helicopter from the front side rather than the back, and he was unaware that the rear blade was operating.

He was one of the helicopter's officials.

“Normally, the rear blade is not visible to laymen when a chopper is on and is always advisable to approach the chopper from the front side,” said one pilot.

The incident caused damage to the blade, causing it to break off. After the catastrophe, the examiner's materials were lying next to the deceased, with blood all over his head.

After being contacted by police, the body was taken to a mortuary while an investigation was conducted.

A different helicopter was to be used for the transport of the supplies, according to officials. Among other things, the area has been impacted by excessive rains, which have made most of the roads unsafe and impassable.

Dozens of helicopters have been arranged by the Kenya National Examination Council to assist in the airlifting of officials and goods between locations.

On Monday, another chopper that was on a similar mission crashed at the Wajir International Airport.

Three individuals were seriously injured in the incident. In the hospital, they are stable. The incidents are being looked into.

A second military helicopter that was en route to provide food to flood victims crashed near Buna, Wajir, hurting both relief workers and the crew.

While detectives are at the site, the victims are in the hospital. The multipurpose helicopter model Mi-171E of the Kenya Air Force crashed near Buna, Wajir, according to the Kenya Defence Forces.

“The helicopter was on relief supply duties in Moyale, Marsabit and Buna in Wajir. The cause of the crash will be established after investigations,” said a statement on the incident on Monday evening.

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