Just sell Kenya!!Babu Owino dares President Ruto

• Babu Owino says Ruto is oppressing Kenyans.


MP Babu Owino at Ayub Abdikadir's wedding

Embakasi Member of Parliament Babu Owino has asked to sell Kenya.

The suggestion comes at a time when the cost of living has continued to soar.

"Hii Gari ya UDA imekata breaks.Kenyans can’t tighten the belt anymore coz seat belt imekatika.Why can’t Ruto just sell Kenya 🇰🇪 apate hizi pesa ananyanyasia Wananchi.You prayed so hard to be the President and now you are working so hard to oppress the same People you vowed to help.If you are walking and you don’t meet the devil know that you are going in the same direction."

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has recently said that it is time President William Ruto listens to the pleas of Kenyans.

In a statement on Thursday, Ngunyi said that the President should also listen to religious leaders and his UDA party members regarding the cost of living.

His sentiments come after UDA MPs demanded that the President should address the cost of living.

"Dear Ruto. Take time to listen. Listen to Bishop Ole Sapit. Listen to your UDA MPs who said the ground was hostile and listen to Kenyans who said that the State of the Nation address was underwhelming. It is not always right to be right. Ask God!" He said.

Speaking during the Parliamentary Group meeting, the Star learnt that speakers said the ground was becoming hostile with wananchi getting impatient for change during tough economic times.

Some MPs confessed that it was becoming difficult to hold public meetings in their constituencies owing to the hard economic situation that is slowly turning people against them.

Kenyans from across the country have been complaining about the high cost of living.

This is despite a promise by the President to ease the tax burden and the cost of living.

However, the President said the cost of living is a reality that can be addressed by households through effective measures.

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