Two suspected thugs shot dead in botched robberies


• Police said they recovered weapons from the suspects and that some escaped the shooting drama.

Crime Scene Tape
Image: FILE

In the California area, Nairobi, a pillion passenger was shot and killed while his rider was arrested in a robbery incident.

Police said the two had been robbing mobile phones from pedestrians along First Avenue prompting the victims to raise an alarm.

The pillion passenger was shot and killed as the rider lost control and landed on the pavement.

The 51-year-old rider was arrested and a pistol was found on him, police said.

The body was moved to the mortuary.

Elsewhere, two suspects were lynched by mobs in the city. One was lynched in Mukuru Kayaba and the other at Soko Mjinga within the Kawangware area.

The victims were accused of robbing pedestrians before an alarm was raised alerting mobs.

Police discourage mob lynching and term it criminal.

Police are also looking for a gang that raided a bar in the Yamumbi area, Eldoret and stole 13 bottles of vodka and an unknown amount of money.

The gang of about five raided Home Ground Restaurant aboard a salon car with their face covered with masks.

Waiters at the joint told police the gang was armed with crude weapons and ordered the two employees to open the counter.

They then grabbed a laptop, three smartphones, two small phones, 13 bottles of Vodka and an unknown amount of money.

They later escaped using the same motor vehicle to an unknown destination, police said.

A hunt on the gang is ongoing, police said

Two suspected thugs were shot and killed in separate attempted robberies in Limuru and Nairobi.

Police said they recovered weapons from the suspects and that some escaped the shooting drama.

Two other suspects were arrested in the drama.

The first incident happened in Limuru outside an apartment, police said.

Police said a team was patrolling in the Marieta area on Saturday night when they found a gang trying to break into Lesley Apartment.

According to police, they were challenged to surrender but one of them drew a pistol and aimed at the officers, which prompted the officers to fire back fatally injuring him as the other two managed to escape to an unknown destination.

Police said they recovered a toy pistol and a panga that had been secured on the left side of his waist.

The body was taken to the city mortuary awaiting identification and postmortem examination.

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