Thugs shoot dead supermarket owner in Busia


•Police said they shot 33-year-old Peter Muhia in the head killing him on the spot in the Saturday night incident.

Image: FILE

A gang shot to death a 33-year old Supermarket owner  after raiding his business in Adungosi, Busia County.

The gang of three went to New Life Self-Service mini supermarket and demanded cash and other valuables at Ojamii shopping center.

Police said they shot 33-year-old Peter Muhia in the head killing him on the spot in the Saturday night incident.

Witnesses said the gang was armed with AK47 rifles during the robbery mission and that Muhia was shot at close range.

This prompted a confrontation that prompted the gang to open more fire.

It was in the process that they shot and killed a bodaboda rider who was outside the supermarket.

They then grabbed his motorcycle that they used to escape to Uganda, police said.

Police said they are investigating to establish if the rider was part of the gang. This followed reports he is the one who ferried the gang to the scene.

A team that arrived at the scene said they could not identify the rider then.

Nothing was stolen from the supermarket as the gang escaped the scene following the confrontation.

Police who visited the scene said they recovered three spent cartridges and an axe that was in the rider’s jacket.

The bodies were moved to the mortuary pending autopsy and identification.

Police have asked their Ugandan counterparts for help to trace the gang for action.

Elsewhere in Baringo’s Amaya Location about 20 gunmen shot and injured three goats in an attempted robbery mission.

The gang escaped after a shootout broke out between them and the herders who were manning the goats.

Police say the gang was on a robbery mission when they opened the fire and that no injuries were reported.

More police patrols have been sent to the area to pursue the gang.

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