We're ready for bipartisan talks – Kenya Kwanza tells Azimio

Piece by: LUCY MUMBI

•Azimio Under Raila Odinga claimed that it was the Kenya Kwanza faction that sabotaged the bi-partisan talks.

Raila Odinga and President William Ruto

Kenya Kwanza bipartisan team has called on Azimio La Umoja counterparts to rejoin the talks and resolve the issues affecting the country.

In a press briefing held on Tuesday, the committee co-chair George Murugara said issues cannot be solved in the streets but on a discussion level.

“The issues affecting the country will not be solved through street protests but must be on a round table where affected and concerned persons can discuss, talk and agree or disagree after talking on how to resolve the issues affecting us,” Murugara said.

He thanked the Opposition Party for calling off demonstrations adding that they should continue preaching for peace.

“It is the right time that the demonstrations have been called off and we continue to preach peace so that even if there are vigils and prayers that are going to take place, that must be conducted peacefully because Kenyans are actually founding upon what happened recently when the purported demonstrations were held,” Murugara said.

However, Azimio Under Raila Odinga claimed that it was the Kenya Kwanza faction that sabotaged the bi-partisan talks.

Raila reminisced of a time when President William Ruto called on him to call off the demos and sit down for bi-partisan talks. 

He said he went ahead and called off the demos despite protests from some of his supporters. 

“We’ve always been open to dialogue but we don’t want nusu mkate.” However, the other side absconded and went away," Raila said. 

"When the temperatures came down, Kenya Kwanza withdrew. Their members were not available for talks. They would say most of their members are out of the country."

On Monday, Azimio called off protests that were scheduled to take place on Wednesday.

In a statement, they instead asked Kenyans to hold vigil for those who have been killed during the past protests. 

"Azimio has made the decision that on Wednesday, rather than go to the streets for a peaceful demonstration as earlier announced, we will hold solidarity parades and vigil for victims of police brutality in various locations in all parts of the country," read the statement.