Ex-Mungiki leader and others charged with possession of offensive weapons


• The charge sheet says the three were found in possession of machetes,Maasai swords, rungus and three jembe sticks

Some of the weapons the police claimed were found on Njenga.
Image: Courtesy

After being detained for several days, former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga was arraigned at Makadara courts.

They were accused of having Maasai rungus, bows, and arrows among other things, together with his brother Peter Kamunya and the guard Felix Lakishe.

The three were allegedly caught in possession of 14 machetes, 24 Maasai swords, 46 rungus, and three jembe sticks on July 20, 2023, in Kiserian, Kajiado, without a valid defense.

According to the charge sheet, there is a reasonable assumption that the alleged offensive weapons were meant to be used in a way that would be detrimental to public order.

They were also accused of planning an illegal assembly and getting ready to commit a crime. However, they have refuted the accusations.

Their release from detention is being argued by the solicitors. Police detained the former Mungiki leader on Wednesday.

According to his attorney Ndegwa Njiru, he was detained while in Lower Matasia in Ngong and transferred to a secret place.

He was in his father's home when police in unmarked cars showed up at around 8 o'clock and arrested him, according to the family.

The group claimed that they wished to question him on the nation's ongoing anti-government demonstrations.

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