'Serikali ni yetu' Disorderly Nandi teachers chant in school

3 teachers interdicted following unruly behavior

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• They allegedly stormed the kitchen on 16/3/2023 demanding they be served chicken
• They also stormed the principal office on 15/3/2023 and ate all bananas and milk in the fridge

Lelmokwo High school
Lelmokwo High school


3 Teachers from Lelmokwo High School in Eldoret have been interdicted following unruly behavior.

In a screenshot of a letter from the TSC following an official complaint (above), suggests the 3 teachers were drunk and unruly leading to their actions.

They are accused of having stormed the kitchen to demand from the staffers that they be served chicken meant for a board meeting, plus chanting songs declaring 'serikali ni yetu'.

The teachers stormed the principal's office, grabbed bananas, packets of milk and bottles of soda as they shouted, "Serikali ni yetu (the government is ours).”

According to an article published in the Nation, they also demanded for the immediate removal of Principal Mathew Korir labelling him an outsider.

The letter says

"I am directed by the Teachers Service Commission to say that it is alleged that you have breached Clause C (III) and (IV) of the Third Schedule of the Act.

It goes on to detail the actions they took that contravened; storming the kitchen and a classroom, forcefully ejected someone.

Consequently, you are hereby interdicted with effect from 22/5/2023.

The letter further urges the teachers to make their defense statement soon and before the commission proceeds to consider and determine their case.

They have been asked to forfeit their annual leave, provide their nearest TSC sub-county office to report once a month.

They chanted the 'Government is ours" in front of board members saying Korir the Principal, should be transferred elsewhere.

The interdiction letter written by the TSC Deputy District Director W O Mosigis, followed an official complaint from the school management.

The letter accuses the teachers of unbecoming behavior of infront of students, plus forcibly removing a teacher from a classroom.

The letter also accuses them of name dropping an influential persons name as the reason why they cannot be disciplined.

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