'Arrest me!' Pastor Ng'ang'a dares govt after Pastor Ezekiel saga

He has been arrested before but over different issues as allegedly hitting someone to death with his car

• Pastor Ng'ang'a is currently in the US.

• Although he has scandals he has never been found guilty.

He plans on relocating to the US.
Neno Televangelist Pastor James Ng'ang'a. He plans on relocating to the US.

Neno Evangelist founder James Ng'an'ga has dared the government to arrest him. His sentiments come after famous Mombasa man of God Pastor Ezekiel was arrested in Police said they are grilling the preacher over the alleged indoctrination of the public.

In an amateur video that is making rounds on social media, Pastor James Ng’ang’a is heard daring the authorities to arrest him if they so wish.

It is not clear what might have provoked his statement.

“I am not educated but you guys are. However, my phone receives money. After you arrested this preacher even you I pray that you undergo the same. The government come for me, this is now too much!” he says.

Pastor Ezekiel of New Life Prayer Centre and Church was arrested on Thursday morning. He was arrested over the alleged indoctrination of the public.

The pastor, on Wednesday, was grilled for hours over claims his church is involved in occultism.

Coast Regional Commissioner Rhodah Onyancha said there were allegations of deaths reported on his premises.

Police said the move to summon him on Wednesday was prompted by the ongoing exhumation of bodies from a farm in Shakahola Forest.

The farm is linked to pastor Paul Mackenzie of Good News International Church.

Mackenzie is suspected of indoctrinating followers of his church into fasting to death with the belief of ascending to heaven to meet Jesus Christ.

Ezekiel's lawyer Jared Magolo has said police will find nothing on the pastor.

Speaking on Thursday, the lawyer said he doesn't know whether Pastor Paul Mackenzie of Good News International Church is related to Ezekiel.

"We have talked with the officers and they are investigating. They will let us know what is going on," he said.

He said the pastor will be released by police once they are done grilling him.

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