Paul Mackenzie: Why I stopped being a pastor after 9 years

Shakahola in Malindi is where Pastor Mackenzie's followers have been fasting to death.

• 78 people have so far been found dead in Shakahola.

The controversial pastor Paul Mackenzie in a police Landcruiser from Malindi Police station to the Malindi law courts
Image: Alphonse Gari

Paul Mackenzie has been trending after it emerged he was misleading people with his cult-like teachings.

The 'man of God' in an interview with NTV revealed that he had stopped preaching in 2019 after God directed him to do so.

"I was a pastor from 2003-2019 in August. That is when I closed my ministry. I have heard people saying the government made me lose my business and my TV Station but that is not true."

Mackenzie said he heard God's voice and chose to respect it.

"The truth is that I heard God's voice saying my time to preach God's message on prophecy about the end. It was easy for me to accept but I respected and agreed to become a regular man. In 2022 is when I decided to join farming."

On Monday, 26 more bodies were found in shallow graves in the area. This increased the number of deaths attributed to the cult to 73, police said.

The total number of those exhumed since Friday, April 21, is 65 while eight died while in hospital. Police also rescued nine people on Monday, with five of them being in critical condition.

The exhumation exercise on the 800-acre land belonging to the cult leader Paul Mackenzie was suspended on Monday due to bad weather and resumed on Tuesday, police said.

Mackenzie, who is in police custody, is being investigated for influencing his followers to starve to death in order to meet their maker.

Many leaders have blamed the government and local administration for failing to curb the menace.

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