DP Gachagua breaks silence over Raila's ICC threat

The DP opines that Azimio seems not to understand how the ICC works .


• She said the shame is not just for one person, but the society at large which thrives on the  destruction of one’s character.

• Passaris said one who acts as such is oblivious of the pain or damage it causes to not only the aggrieved but also family, friends, and the public.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua
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Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has responded to Azimio leader Raila Odinga's threatened to take him to International Criminal Court (ICC).

Speaking on Wednesday, Gachagua rubbished the threats affirming they will go nowhere.

The DP said he was not aware that defending his boss amounts to crime against humanity as Raila said.

"Azimio are threatening to report me at the Hague, I don't know how defending your boss can be crime against humanity. They have been in the streets for many years they don't even think well. How can defending your boss and his programs become a crime to be reported at the Hague," he said.

The DP, however, said if Azimio sends a letter to ICC, the letter will be sent back to the sender.

Gachagua opines that Azimio seems not to understand how the ICC works saying they are frustrated.

"Any problem they have with anybody the solution is the ICC, please defend your bosses," he said.

His sentiments comes days after Raila said he will take Gachagua to ICC over an alleged assassination attempt. 

Raila had alleged that Gachagua sent police officers who he claimed fired eleven bullets at his car during mass protests on March 27 and 30.

"Gachagua is an accused person, this coming week, we are taking his name to ICC, he said that he wanted to finish me once and for all," Raila said. 

On April 14, Azimio wrote to ICC asking the court to open investigations into the political situation in Kenya.

In a letter to the Dutch-based Court, Lawyer Paul Mwangi cited nine issues including targeted attacks on protesters.

It was submitted in accordance with Regulation 25 of the Regulation of the Office of the Prosecutor.

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