'Ruto can easily be a one-term president but...' Kanchory

To understand Ruto, one should not just listen to his words


•, Kanchory explains that the President is a master manipulator that is highly proficient in the art of doublespeak and reverse psychology

•The lawyer says Ruto's words should never be taken at face value.

President William Ruto and his Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua

Lawyer Saitabao Ole Kanchory has expressed his mixed feelings about William Ruto and his presidency.

In his just-released book titled Why Baba Is Not The 5th, Kanchory reveals that Ruto's presidency depends on the alertness and resolve of the Kenyan people.

"At the rate we are going, William Ruto can easily be a one-term president, but he can also be a lifetime president," he said.

Referring to the Head of State as a consummate politician, Kanchory opines that Ruto will keep monitoring the public mood and closely feeling the pulse of the people to see when to make a particular move.

However, telling readers not to make no mistake, the lawyer highlights that Ruto is a highly predatorily politician and will exploit any gap or weakness in the resolve of Kenyans to entrench himself.

He further notes that if one wants to understand President Ruto, they should listen to his subject, not his words.

"Quite often, Ruto will say the exact opposite of what he actually means and mean the opposite of what he says," Kanchory said.

Still in his book, Kanchory explains that the words of the President, whom he describes as a master manipulator that is highly proficient in the art of doublespeak and reverse psychology, should never be taken at face value.

However, he notes that the subject of Ruto's discussion will always reveal his true intentions and next move.

Revealing more of President Ruto's character, Kanchory says the Commander in Chief is highly proficient in his pre-emptive strikes and quick manoeuvres.

"By striking first and moving with lightning speed in some kind of political blitzkrieg, a fast and furious William Ruto stays ahead of the game, leaving a bewildered opponent to play catch-up," he added.

Former Azimio leader Raila Odinga's chief agent referred to Ruto as a real master of politics.

He explained that he has worked with both Raila and Ruto and in his opinion, Ruto knows his ways.

"William Ruto is an efficient person in the world of politics. He understands the psychology of the masters and he knows how to pre-empt. You can call him (Ruto) a master of preemptive strikes and reverse psychology," he stated.

Kanchory revealed that his relationship with President Ruto started in 2010 when the debate on the then-proposed new constitution was raging.

He revealed that said his fellow lawyer Martine Ole Kamwaro took him to Ruto’s office at Jogoo House in Nairobi after he was impressed by his strong and highly structured sentiments against the then-draft 2010 constitution.

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