Brenda Kawira's mom reveals fight late daughter and bf had before her death

The lady was said to have jumped from the fourth floor of her apartment

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• The boyfriend Marvin said he was in the bedroom, then heard a thud.

• He saw Brendas body and someone else walking around it.

Brenda Wairimu.
Image: Courtesy

The death of Brenda Kawira has not settled well with Kenyans. Her death was termed a suicide but her family is not convinced.

Speaking to YouTuber Lynn Ngugi, Brenda's mother and sister spoke about how she allegedly funded her boyfriend's lifestyle.

Brenda allegedly fell from the 4th floor of their apartment on Feb 22. Mama Brenda, Catherine Gakii, told Lynn that in December 2022, she got a scholarship to Australia and wanted to relocate with her boyfriend called Marvin.

They first wanted to get married in order to leave Kenya. Marvin's father was to sponsor his son's travel to Australia.

Brenda's mother said their first time meeting Marvin was good. He welcomed her well. She wished them well as a couple living together. She also advised them to call her if they have relationship problems.

"At least they seemed fine. I told them I'll always be there for them, in case of any problems, and they should not mask it till it grows big. He was just quiet all through, After I was done they acknowledged all that I had told them."

Mama Brenda regrets this, "He did not talk his part by the way. That's the mistake I did, he never told me their plans."

"They promised to keep the word. He said they are happy and claimed he loved Brenda," she left them but kept in touch regularly with Brenda.

Much later an incident happened where Mama Brenda had a premonition about something bad. "I started shaking so much."

She woke up a neighbour, and told her, "I see death we prayed I thought this had to do with Brenda's dad. We prayed I did not sleep the whole night."

The following day Brenda's sister came to the mother with some news.

"Mum be ready to ensure your blood pressure is okay as I break this news," Bridget told the mother that Marvin had called saying things are not okay.

She was told Kawira had fallen on the stairs but she was ok. So they went to find out. Marvin's dad was the one who had called Brenda's mother.

He said he had been receiving calls all night and wasn't sure what was going on. The journey took a long time and during that interval, Baba Marvin informed them that Kawira had passed on.

That was 3 pm on Feb 22nd. He told them to go to Kasarani police station where they found Marvin's mother and sister.

Marvin told Brenda's mother that his girlfriend came home with some wine and chips and went to the bedroom.

He said she did this whenever they quarreled to give each other time. He played video games, while Brenda spent time on her phone in the bedroom.

He claimed that later he went to sleep and Brenda woke up and went to the sitting room where he followed her.

She went on to say that Marvin claimed that Brenda wanted to go to Meru but he told her it was too late.

He tried stopping her from leaving and that's when Brenda threw her phone on the couch and went to the balcony.

Marvin said he thought she was getting some fresh air. He went to the bedroom, heard a thud, and returned to find Brenda missing from the sitting room.

He looked down the balcony and saw Brenda and someone walking around her body. He went down and found Brenda breathing in pain he screamed.

He then called an Uber which refused to carry Brenda and a neighbour helped take her to a nearby clinic. The delay led to her death.

Marvin then went to Muthaiga Police and was advised that it was a Kasarani issue. That was 3 am, and Marvin said they had to wait until morning to take her body to the morgue.

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