Photos of Bungoma politician who has died after falling off Roysambu building

Kubende was living in the US.

• In a video doing rounds on social media Kubende was still breathing after the fall.

• People could be seen surrounding him but no one bothered to help.

He died after falling off the 4th floor of a building in Roysambu.
Joseph Kubende. He died after falling off the 4th floor of a building in Roysambu.

Political mobiliser in Bungoma County, Joseph Kubende is dead.

He died after falling from the fourth floor of an apartment in the Roysambu area, Nairobi.

Police and other witnesses said Kubende, 42, was alone at the time of his fall on Thursday evening and had landed on his head becoming unconscious.

He was rushed to Jesse Kay Hospital on Lumumba Drive before he was referred to Radiant Hospital in Pangani where he succumbed.

He had come to Nairobi to visit his cousin Justo Misika Wanyama last week and was on his way to the USA where he apparently resides and works, police said.

On Thursday, March 23, Kubende is said to have been at the balcony of GM Apartments alone before he fell off from the fourth floor.

Below are his photos during happier times;

Below are some condolence messages from his friends and followers.

Collins Bwayo Mwandishi:  I wake up and peep deep on social media only to learn the untimely passing on of Joseph Kubende.  Kubende was a joyful person and I interacted with him once and I tell you he was that guy who could make you smile. RiP Jose Kubende

Hon. Joseph Lendrix Waswa  : I'm saddened by the demise of my friend Joseph Kubende, a friend I cherished. Losing a friend like him is something that can never be recovered.He has always been an important part of my life. Now he is gone. I pray for his departed soul.Someday we shall meet again.Rest In Peace.

Fredrick Shitubi:  I have nothing more useful to add. I kept hoping it's not true. Fare thee well my friend, great artist, great orator, Joseph Kubende.

Fwamba Nc Fwamba: It started like a rumour. I couldn't believe it.This is very devastating news.Rest in peace my friend and colleague Joseph Kubende.This is one of the saddest evenings ever.

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