Putin- The west is normalizing pedophilia by legalizing homosexuality

Russia is among the most powerful nations in the world.

• Homosexuality is not legalized in Russia.

He has asked God to forgive leaders who legalize homosexuality.
Vladimir Putin. He has asked God to forgive leaders who legalize homosexuality.
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Russian President Vladimir Putin says the West is normalizing pedophilia by allowing LGBTQ to be legalized.

Puting has now asked God to forgive people normalizing such as it is wrong.

"The west is perverting the family, the national identity. They are making pedophilia the norm in their lives and priests encourage same-sex marriage. Forgive them father for they do not know what they are doing." Said Putin

For transgender rights, it became possible to change the legal gender on identity documents in 1997.

In 2018, this process was simplified significantly, permitting the change of legal gender based on a medical certificate without the need for surgery or hormone replacement therapy.

These are among the few positive legal changes that have taken place in Russia concerning the LGBTQ community.


President William Ruto and his deputy Rigathi Gachagua recently spoke about their stand to legalize the Lesbian Gay Transgender and Queers (LGBTQ) community in Kenya.

Ruto who spoke during the launch of the Women Fund today at KICC said that Kenya had values that needed to be respected and protected.

"I cannot allow our women to get competition from men who chase after men. That will not happen under my watch," Ruto said amid cheers.

DP Gachagua on the other end said he was shocked and even wondered what he could say.

"Do you know that there are times when you can be shocked until you have nothing to say? We are hearing that there is an organisation that wants to defend same-sex marriage. What is that? 

"We have no problem with the court but we have to ask what they imagine when a woman marries another woman. We do not have that and that is against our beliefs," Gachagua added.

Gachagua also indicated that the Head of State was a firm believer that would not support the legalisation of LGBTQ.

"The President is a Christian and he will do what is needed. What they suggest is contrary to our belief. Therefore, we are not supporting that," he said.

The duo said they respected the courts but on this, they will not allow it to happen.

The two were responding to the ongoing debate after the Supreme Court passed a decision to legalize the integration of groups of same-sex lovers, a decision that has been met with a lot of opposition.

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