Shocked hubby of murdered NHIF employee speaks

The family of Lillian is demanding justice

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• She complained of chest pains.

• She collapsed and died soon after.

lilian waithera nhif employee murdered in kaunda street
lilian waithera nhif employee murdered in kaunda street

The husband of the NHIF staff member who collapsed and died in the CBD on Monday, February 13 is speaking up.

Lilian Waithera died in town after complaining of chest pain as she walked with a friend.

Witnesses and police said she started to complain of chest pains as she walked downtown on February 13 at about 5 pm.

She then collapsed and lost her breath. Her colleagues who were with her called an ambulance which arrived in time but the responders declared her dead at the scene.

Her husband has spoken out. In an interview on Citizen, he wondered about the circumstances surrounding her death.

"Hii ni jambo ambalao imetupata kwa mshtuko hakuna sababu hata pale kazi alikuwa mtu mchanganufu, hata kwa wafanyi kazi wenzake, hakuna sababu yoyote ile ambayo unaweza weka kusema kwamba labda kuna mtu alikuwa anamfuata."

Another family member added, "I wouldn't say Mary had any known enemies that would do this so it was actually a shocker, I guess more investigations need to be done."

The woman had walked from Upper Hill offices to CBD, and at one point said her chest hurt. The 46-year-old woman was said to have been shot from an elevated angle according to police investigations.

Initially, police and pedestrians had thought the woman collapsed and died out of natural causes but an autopsy was done and found a bullet lodged in her lungs. She worked at the registry department, officials said.

The bullet had been fired from an elevated angle and went into the body through the collarbone before stopping in the lungs.

The body was moved from Nairobi Hospital to Kenyatta University mortuary where the post-mortem was conducted by a group of pathologists who declared the case of death as shooting.

Nairobi regional police commander Adamson Bungei said the bullet head was handed to ballistic experts for analysis, according to the Star newspaper.

“We do not know how and why the bullet was fired and by who. We have a team working on the case,” he said.

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