KMTC Introduces Diploma Course in Mortuary Science

The course will be the first-ever course in East and Central Africa.

• The courses will kick start in March 2023.

KMTC Introduces Diploma Course in Mortuary Science

Kenya Medical Training College has finally introduced a Diploma course in Mortuary Science.

The course's training will take three years. However, those already with a certificate in the same course from other reputable institutions will join in year two.

The courses will kick start in March 2023. Kenyans have hilariously taken to social media to discuss the course with many stating they would never want such a job.

Check out some of the reaction comments below

@itskaboom_kobie: Mimi nimezoea imagine sioni big deal #MainaAndKingangi

@AngelaM87677375: Was I not a medic dealing with live human beings, id have opted for this. In private hospitals they earn quite well. They also do a lot of exaggerations to relatives satisfaction.

Perpetua Wamucii: This hustle made me whom Iam but I lacked friends and stopped it.Now am into sthn else n my friends have resurfaced.

@Annmitchel5: Weeeeh ,imagine working in a place where they are like 50 bodies ,I would go mad ,how now even going near a morgue scares me to death.

@mose_young1: Mimi na uko siwezi jaribu dealing with dead bodies aky hell no by the way in life i came to step in that place last when my granny passed away lakini iyo place si poa can you imagine city na venye sometimes uchachisha harufu weee.

@korir_evan: These are essential service providers. I don't have that heart to take up this profession

@jennykanyiri: Never, i don't have that energy to withstand some scenes,sitaki kupata stress and pressure #MainaAndKingangi

@GOVERNORKAHUHO1: I wonder what the mortuary owner says in his prayers when business is slow... Honestly I've never entered a mortuary or view a dead body #MainaAndKingangi

@Gillykipkemoi: It's an interesting career. I'm a forensic pathologist in most duties we interact with coroners. I don't know about how much they earn lakini ni career haina stress. Client hasumbui.

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