• A video of Shanquella being beaten by her friends during a trip to Mexico has since gone viral.

Shanquella Robinson.
Image: Courtesy

By now you might have heard or seen a viral video of a woman being beaten up by her 'friends'. Sadly the woman died after she sustained spinal cord injuries and a broken neck.

The woman was 25-year-old Shanquella Robinson.

The middle-aged woman had traveled for a birthday vacation with 6 of her friends, sadly the trip turned tragic after the lifeless body of Shanquella was discovered in a hotel room.

It has now emerged that an arrest warrant has been issued for an alleged perpetrator responsible for Shanquella's death.

"This case is fully clarified, we even have a court order, and there is an arrest warrant issued for the crime of femicide to the detriment of the victim and against an alleged perpetrator, a friend of hers who is the direct aggressor. 

It wasn't a quarrel, but instead a direct aggression. We are carrying out all the pertinent procedures such as the Interpol alert and the request for extradition to the United States of America. 

It's about two Americans, the victim and the culprit...," Daniel de la Rosa Anaya, local prosecutor for the state of Baja California Sur, said.

Shanquella Robinson.
Image: Courtesy

The 7 were living in a luxurious hotel room in Mexico, the room even had their chef.

The 6 friends called Shanquella's mum informing her that her daughter was not well, they later informed her she had died from alcohol poisoning.

A post-mortem contradicted the friends after confirming the 25-year-old died from severe spinal cord injuries and a broken neck.

The doctor allegedly lied that he was with the deceased for 3 hours and 45 minutes but an autopsy report shows that she died after 3 o'clock just 15 minutes after sustaining the injuries.

A police report indicated that she died from a Cardiopulmonary arrest but a post-or term revealed she died from injuries to her spinal cord and a broken neck.

The death was only reported 3 hours after it had happened.

The Mexican police had a chance to arrest the 6 friends but they did not.

The police are also alleged to have 'stolen' 17,000$ ( 2,078,250Ksh) belonging to Shanquella.

Her murder is also alleged to have been hidden to protect the image of the tourist destination of Los Cabos. 

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