• Kenyans have urged the Nairobi governor to take action against people starting the fires.

Fire consumes Gikomba Market.
Fire consumes Gikomba Market.

A fire has once again consumed Gikomba Market to the disappointment of many.

In the past few years Gikomba has been constantly consumed by fire whose source is unknown Many argue that the fires are intentionally set.

Taking to his socials, Akorino MC Karangu Muraya posted

"What always happens to Gikomba market? This is sad"

Fire consumes Gikomba Market.
fFire consumes Gikomba Market. Fire consumes Gikomba Market.

Check out some of the comments.

Jane Bmb: I have been a trader in Gikomba for the last seven years and truth be told ….. we have no idea how and why it happens ….. tunaamushangwa tu na simu Jane Uko wapi na Gikomba kunachomeka…. the first thing you ask side gani  yaani may God have mercy

Moses Gitau: This is too much pain. May God bling whoever has been behind this to b known.

Shiroh Shii Muriithi: Hio shamba maybe inakuanga na kesi.

Maureen Blessing:  Mungu akuje anisadie sijui nitaanza aje na watoto na hii kikomba ndio bwana yangu haki.

Jemimah Mwangi: Is it happening know /todayWoi very sad.

Winjoy Kananu: Barely one month  and now here ....I just feel for them.

Joey Faiyee: A month can't go by without the sirens of Zima Motos.

Deh Nguns: This is too much...something needs to be done.

Grace Kuria: God feel mercy for your people when they are struggling.

Rose Kuria: The pain I went through there, chaiii!!

Moniq Josephs: Sad how I was watching mûrika this morning ya four years ago about this issue and here we're.

Rose Mumbi: This is too much aii gikomba but kuna God mwenye anafanya hivi ajue Mungu yuko na nîarîhanagîria.

Peaceful Sarah: Nani hua anatumia hii mbinu kufukuza watu gikomba?Shually  this is not just normal fires.

Josphat Karanja Kiragu: It's sad, the problem is that kenyans politicized instead of look for a solution.. God have mercy on your sons and daughters.. it's painful.

Fire consumes Gikomba Market.
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