KRA to KRS? Kenyans share their feedback

Will KRS be more people-friendly? KOT reacts

Piece by: Naomi Waweru

• KRA is the body mandated with collecting tax in Kenya.

• What does KRS have to offer that KRA didn't? Kenyans ask.

Ruto in Parliament
President Ruto in Parliament
Image: Twitter

In a press briefing on Thursday, president Ruto announced the intention of changing the Kenya Revenue Authority name to Kenya Revenue service.

"I am of the view that we should rename KRA to the Kenya Revenue Service - President Ruto"

However, most Kenyans do not seem to get the 'service bit'  

In his speech, he said he stated,

“We will also work with the Kenya Revenue Authority on a culture change to make it a people-friendly, customer-centric organization. I am of the view that we should rename it the Kenya Revenue Service in line with the proposed transformation.”

Nowadays Ruto's moves seem to be directed at shuffling and changing government systems and this is one of them in a bid to get include mama "mboga too" as he says.

Is this one of them?

Here are some reactions from Twitter:

@ShemMukalo· Glad President Ruto is making the argument I made that Kenya Revenue Authority is renamed Kenya Revenue Service. 

Authority is semantically problematic as it inspires fear and casts the tax body as an uncaring monster, service sounds friendlier. 13th Parliament Davis Chirchir.

Well, KRA has for a long time painted a very unfriendly image inflicting a lot of negative views on taxpayers as an "Authority

@Kaysparks_How is changing Kenya Revenue Authority to Kenya Revenue Service going to be customer-centric and reduce the tax on my income?

Being-customer centric in definition means creating the best experience for the customer eventually creating loyalty with customers.

Well, after all this is said and done the organization has the task of living up to its name and offering services instead of being an authority.

@Kibe1998: Kenya Revenue Service should also do away with the penalties for not filing nil returns.

The penalty for not filling the nil returns is ksh.10000. An outrageous amount.

The general reaction is confusion and a display of how much the authority has been received by Kenyans and also a cry to make it a service a task that it is now given to do.