A city man is not happy at all.

According to this man, he recently walked down the aisle with the love of his life three months ago but his wife has refused to give him his conjugal rights.

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He says he’s suffering in silence and doesn’t know what to do. He wrote;

My wife has refused to have sex with me. We wed three months ago and she’s still a virgin.

We were introduced by our pastor. She’s also a worker in the church. Every time I want to try she will start crying and say that it is painful. She will run and hide in the toilet. I have complained to my pastor but he said I should be patient with her. 3 months is a long time. I am in a fixed position because I can’t tell anyone in my family about it. I need public opinion. Is this normal and acceptable.

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dozie I don’t understand why anyone would want to marry a virgin. Why would you decide to spend the rest of your life with someone with whom you don’t know whether or not you’re sexually compatible? Makes no sense.

getmaledates See why sex b4 marriage is good.

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thonia Then use lubricant….😉

modupeolabisi Be a little patient with her,,, give her time,,, social media is the worst place to bring your marriage too…. Don’t let people with worst situations advice you wrongly with their bitterness.

socheeIt could be a variety of things 1. Sexual trauma2. Physical trauma 3. Generalized anxiety.4. She’s really just not that into you.

mowrah If it is really like that..Let her see a Doctor.

thecakesbyzee If she has never had sex before how come she’s so certain that it is painful😕. I think your wife is hiding something and your pastor is on the know of it, confront them to tell you the truth.

relationship_remedy U just need to sit her down and Educate her. She wont run forever.

queenteefah Yes, it’s normal, its really painful. I got married as a virgin and I also did that too till my hubby fell asleep that night, try using lubricant.

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