Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo is a rather fetching young woman. And she seems to have come into her own just as she approached the twilight of her twenties.

While we do not know what triggered her emancipation what we do know is that she has seen alot in her short 28 year stint on Earth. From a near tragic accident to a broken marriage to her family opening her personal affair up to the public, she really has seen alot.

Anyway, one thing that no one can ever deny her is her props as one of Kenya’s best dressed celebrities. She has a taste for fashion and fashion embraces her frame well. She recently set a new fad in the country without even realizing it when she started rocking female tuxedos and business suits.

No, not skirt suits but actual suits tailored to sit bespoke on the female frame. And she seems to have inspired even more women to take up the trend. I for one am loving it. Check out the other celebs who have embraced the trend:

betty kyallo dapper1


doreen gatwiri dapper

aisha dapper

amina dapper