Kipyegon Kenei

Details of what happened before and after the murder of Sergeant Kenei have emerged. This details include Echesa entering the DP’S office with Kenei absent.

Below is a timeline of what transpired

1.DCI went to DP’s office but we’d denied access to the server room.

2.The 23 minute footage showed Echesa and two other people enter the dp office. It does not show Kenei anywhere.

3.Forensics examination was done 13th Feb cartels seen entering the dps office

4. Kenei was seen calling someone and handed the phone to the said General who was with Echesa

5.This is a clear indication he was involved and was taking instructions from someone. After Kenei made the call he escorted the general to the VIP lift.

6.Following the security breach at DP’s office the DCI was to investigate 10 specific areas

7.It was also noted that the Office of the deputy president sent contradicting letters to the DCI.

8. The same morning DCI was expecting Kenei to record statement he never appeared.

Details of Kenei’s murder scene described

Kipyegon Kenei,
Police officer Kipyegon Kenei, who was found dead in Imara Daima’s Villa Franca estate

Investigation established he was ready to record statement because he called a close friend asking guidance

There was no signal or OB to declare kenei missing. He was in his pyjamas when he was found

He only had a bed in his house which was neatly spread. Forensic examination indicate he did not disturb the bed

The bullet was shot from below the chin. In normal circumstances if he was standing, blood and bullet but surprisingly the findings not adding up.

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Below is what people involved in the murder had tried to do to cover up the murder.

Here is what they did to try and get away with murder.

  1. The investigators told a section of the media that the three assassins made an effort to flush out all the data in Kenei’s phone. Their intent was to ensure that police cannot find any data that could trace the people Kenei last spoke to, hours before his murder.
  2. The assassins penned a bogus suicide note. Investigators claim it was not written by Kenei as they have proof of his handwriting which was compared with the suicide note.
  3. They sent a lot of money to the family to throw them off.
  4. A post-mortem carried out on Kenei’s body on February 26 revealed that he died from a single gunshot wound. What the government pathologist could not verify was who pulled the trigger.
  5. The assassins deleted Kenei’s social media accounts to also wipe out any evidence kenei may have left on his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Kenei was found dead on February 20, two days after communicating with his kin at his house in Villa Franca Estate in Imara Daima.

He will be laid to rest on Saturday.

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