What type of music to Kenyans like? I can tell you for free that local jams aren’t all that popular. Back to the fact that Kenyans think everything foreign is better than what we create and innovate locally.

When it comes to movies, Kenyans would rather watch Nigerian and Ugandan movies over their own locally produced movies. The same goes for TV programs; Kenyans women seem to have an affinity for poorly scripted and horrendously acted telenovellas over homegrown shows some of which are superbly done like Mali was.
When it comes to fashion, we would rather ape foreign trends even if they are not suited to our weather and culture.


It’s worse when it comes to music. Perhaps this answers a question I have been asking for a while now -what is the definitive Kenyan sound? We have none because we are too busy incorporating foreign sounds to our own so we end up sounding like musical chameleons.

Well, that is enough of a rant from me. Let me get right into the heart of the matter. And the most popular jams in Kenya among members of the fairer sex are:


R&B carries the day at 33%. Gee, I wonder why given how sexual the likes of Chris Brown and Trey Songz have made the genre.

Hot on it’s heels is Bongo Flava at 31%, you know, the uniquely sounding Tanzanian music?

What shocks me is that coming in third place is vernacular music well ahead of hiphop… Then again, girls do not really go in for rap.