Pink is attractive.

Gone are the days when all men thought every girl likes the colour pink. Others have associated this colour with little girls and princesses. But pink is a universal colour that represents oneness.

Pink means cute, romantic, charming, feminine, and tenderness…To get the meaning of this, check out these female celebrities who’ve gone out of the way to give justice to this colour.

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Lilian Muli

She is one of Kenya’s leading female anchors. On this day, Lilian Muli stepped out rocking this pink dress and she absolutely did it justice.

lilian muli

Pierra Makena

Pierra is one of the most recognized female DJs in the country and her baby bump looked just fine in this bold coloured dress.



She never disappoints. This singer cum media personality is one that has taste… Good taste. She showed that in the accessories she accompanied with this dress.


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Amina Abdi

Talk of fine-designer made hijabs, talk of Amina Abdi. This media personality has proved to be one of the people who rock their hijabs with a lot of creativity.

amin abdi

Janet Mbugua

Here, she was heavily pregnant and to reduce the attention to her baby bump, pink is always the colour to use. You might agree with me that Janet, former Citizen TV news anchor looked amazing.

janet mbugua 1

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Jokate Mwegelo

She is a beauty! This dress can show her curves and the details at the top go hand in hand with the colour.


Elizabeth Lulu Michael

This is what I’m talking about. Elizabeth, one of Tanzania’s most accomplished actress cum fashion icons, does great justice to her title with this dress. Evidently, it is gorgeous!

elizabeth lulu

Hamisa Mobetto

She is a model and a video vixen. From her pose to the look she gave this look, it shows perfectly that she does her job just fine.


Now, before you ask me why there is some difference in the colours, it is good to note that there are different types of pink.