Sean Andrew was referred to as Elodie Zone’s ex for the longest time. I don’t know why the internet never forgets that you were together and now you’re not!


Elodie Zone and Sean AndrewAnyway, their relationship ended and we were all sad being their greatest fans.

Elodie Zone did not waste her precious young life she was back in the game very fast with a darker version of Sean Andrew but they seem really happy, okay even they did seem happy with Sean so anyway.

sean Andrew

Took him a while but Sean Andrew has finally paraded his new bae. He has not really switched things up as she has a resemblance to Elodie Zone. At least now we know his type.

‘It was a toxic relationship,’ Elodie Zone talks about her public break up with Sean Andrew

Well, being the month of love, we wish all of them nothing but red roses in their life! To young love!

Here is a picture of him looking so cute with his mysterious bae: