Willis Raburu does not show off much of his family but we got the chance to see his mother.

He took to his social media account with a video showing off his mother as she exclaimed his famous slogan ‘yeah!’ She seemed like a very proud mother to Willis. He has established himself in the media industry from TV to radio which I am sure makes her proud.

Willis’ mother could also be proud he found a wife because let’s be honest, its hard in this generation. Just before that post we also got a glimpse of Maryanne Raburu’s mother. They look so much alike you would mistake them for sisters.

Willis and Maryanne got married in a private wedding with family and friends in May 2017 and they are living their happily ever after, at least from what we see on social media. Maryanne has been helping him in his journey of weight loss; I know, couples goals right?

Middle class Luos like Eric Omondi and Willis Raburu like showing off yet they own NOTHING!”, rants angry Kenyan

Willis Raburu wedding
Willis Raburu wedding. photo credit: mpasho

Willis was recently rumored to be a broke man when a fan came out to attack him and Eric Omondi saying they show off too much yet they own nothing! They are just middle-class Luo men. He has not spoken about it ever since.

Willis Raburu

He started a youtube channel that seems to be growing daily as he takes his fans through his process and progress of weight loss. It is lit to be fit is what he calls it, probably to be able to capture the young generation.

Now for the moment you have been waiting for. Meet Willis Raburu’s mum:

Meet Willis Raburu gorgeous Mom

Meet Willis Raburu gorgeous Mom

Posted by Mpasho News on Wednesday, April 25, 2018