He gets onto the stage and the first thing he does is ‘Kuroga‘ the crowd.

He sings;

“Niroge nisiwaroge….Cas money vaite murume yooooh!”

Churchill Show’s comedian Jasper Murume, real name Paul Kimani Njoroge is one hilarious guy. I mean this guy pays bills by making people laugh all night long. And for your information, this guy Murume is one of the most talented comedians of this celebrated show.

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Japer Murume

We’ve seen him the the same floral shirt time and time again but this guy is a whole different level of giggles every time. When he is not leaving people in stitches with his unending jokes, he is killing the lasses with his hot looks.

This guy is smart, cute and irresistibly humourous.

Here are his breathtaking photos;