Media personality Ciku Muiruri has ignited mixed reactions after she talked about how women are sexually molested at their workplaces.

She advised any woman, who’s sexually harassed to play along and always ‘quote high’

Your wife, daughter, sister or niece is currently being asked for sexual favours in the workplace. Personally, I do not know a woman who has never been subjected to this. If you outrightly say no to a predator like this and mistakenly think it ends there, you are naive. You are not taking into account how dangerous a man with a bruised ego can be. My advice is this: Never say no, just quote high. If you simply say “No. I’m not interested,” you risk damaging that ego and once you do, well, he will find a reason to fire you.
Never say no, just quote high… He will never afford you. And if he does, take his money and run for the hills. Who says you have to sleep with him?’ she wrote.

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Reactions include;

Margaret Mwajuma I have worked in several institutions in different capacities. I’m lucky I’ve never experienced such advances…. thanks to my Semenya traits! It has saved me a lot of trouble #blessingindisguise

Richard Njuguna Njoroge Very good. Those of us in power don’t take rejection very well. In fact, we don’t forget and funny enough our paths tend to cross again. There comes a time you will need our okay, signature or recommendation. We speak a language of deals. I tell you what I want and you tell me what you want in return. Saying no is suicidal. Also ripping a man off and running to the hills is so bad. He might be in those hills.

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Ciku Muchiri What horrible advice from someone who has and is raising a daughter! Anyway, to each his own.

Sam Gathemia That’s called high end prostitution

Emilly Wa Kinyua Ciku Muiruri this is misleading- a no is a no from the beginning,to hell with his ego.

Kristina Ciku No. This is a little over the line. You are simply telling us to sell ourselves to the highest Bidder! Wow!!!!!!!!

Mary Njeeri Love that…Quote high. Also, keep ’em on a long leash. If he wants it short – then RUN!!! 🏃‍♀️ #LoveIsButADream

Patrick Maina Kamanga Ciku Muiruri I disagree,I am an employer and this does not happen in my work place or my NGO ,its policies placed in and effected that help , by asking one to quote higher ,what if that higher is provided ?No is a No better be fired than face this

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