Singer Otile Brown is madly in love with his Ethiopian bae Nabayet. He has been parading his new catch on social media, and we hope their relationship will last.

Nabayet and Otile Brown during his birthday at a Children’s home

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The Baby Love hitmaker has revealed what he goes for in a relationship and it isn’t money, as his ex Vera Sidika claimed. He says he looks for happiness, and of course, someone who’ll make him feel comfortable.

Fall for someone fun, if you’re in a relationship with a boring and unhappy partner, you can never be happy, you’ll always feel like there’s something missing.

Doesn’t matter how much you love the person you’ll eventually leave his/her a**.

Otile Brown

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Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika

After their nasty break up, Vera Sidika claimed that Otile never satisfied her in bed.

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