Media personality Jacque Maribe’s father deserves an award of the best dad. He has on several occasions proven that he is the kind of father every daughter needs. He is loving, caring and supportive.

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Maribe’s father has stood by his daughter through thick and thin. We all remember the countable times he attended court sessions and protected her from the press, when she was arrested in connection with Monica Kimani’s murder.

Jacque Maribe
Jacque with her father

The mother of one after being in custody for close to a month was released on bail while her ex-fiance, Jowie, who’s the prime suspect in Monica’s murder was sent to Kamiti Maximum Prison.

He’s still in prison and recently he made a fresh bail application.

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Well, Maribe shared a photo lunching with her father and showered him with praises, referring to him as the best dad in the world.

Jacque Maribe
Jacque Maribe with her father

Daddy goals. Appreciating this fine human being who takes you to lunch every week because of love. I have the best father in the world, Mr. Maribe you and mama are goals,’ she captioned the above pic.

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Fans of Maribe have also showered her father with praises and their comments include;

juniorrronald Moral lesson… Create time and Treat ua parents right coz they sacrificed much to raise you to every human being out there

baristar_bellah Never forget this man ..he fought for you like no one’s business.. very few men can do that for their kids ❤️❤️❤️

beckytsuma I just love how you daddy’s care about

kiinyaah The greatest gift ever you’re soo lucky Jacque.i love the way he Believed in you

achitsal Very true you have the best dad

jenmurugi I remember him during your case. That man stood by you and held your hand like you were 2 again. I admired his resilience. Anyone could see the bond you two have

isaboke12 Angekuwa my dad ungemuonea view sasa count yourself lucky

kecycassy Live long baba Jackie!

kezzywambu And the award of best dad went to Mr. Maribe. He really stood with you. Pass our regards. I love you bureeeeeee

nellykimari I saw this in court. It was clear to the world how much your daddy loves you gal!! This man can literally die for you! You’re so blessed mrembo. Treasure that

prudencegithaiga Trust me we know he is the best….he is daddy goals

sherrey_max I still remember that clip In court that day.. Your dad got you

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juddiemwiti @jacquemaribe your dad is a hero…..💝💝may they be blessed abundantly
carolinemuhunyo I wish my dad was alive you are lucky at this day and age you have one even in your darkest hours he is with you. He is a true example of fatherhood @jacquemaribe thank God all times coz that is a real guardian angel.

patriciawangeci @jacquemaribe this man here is a great person,he once advertised for a position somewhere I reached to him,he atleast got back to say the post had already been taken,i appreciated that feedback so much.Also from your court days he showed to the world what a dad is made of.

dharmanjeri I have saved a video of you and your dad in court last year i cried 😢😢😢too much from watching that video.. yaaani your dad is the best…!!! Such fierce love😢😢😢 God bless him

annie_kirethi Lovely💜💜💜💜 a dad’s love

corrinebore After court that day, I salute this daddy! Mad respect

sinyolo That I agree. You have the best father and the inspiration he gave me👏👏👏👏, wacha tu


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