Robert Burale

Stylish pastor, motivational speaker, and relationship expert Robert Burale has warned men on dating their friend’s ex-lovers.

Robert Burale

According to Burale, men should not wine and dine with their friend’s lovers.

The outspoken Burale has also shared the DO’s and DONT’s of hanging out with your fellow men.

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In his message titled “Unwritten laws for gentlemen, he has advised men to be each other’s keeper.

  1. NEVER ever go behind your friends back and talk to his wife/girlfriend..The joke will eventually be on you

2. NEVER Hug a fellow man tightly unless ABSOLUTELY necessary

3. Never hold a fellow man’s hand when talking casually

4. NEVER Ever place your hand on a man’s thighs when stressing a point during conversation …If you want to grab anything ..look for a stone ..(if you do THAT to me I will shoot you 😂😂😂)

5. NEVER allow this statement “awwwwwwwww when talking to a fellow man

6. Never ever try and get with your fellow man’s EX 


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