Annitah Raey

Former Hot 96 presenter Annitah Raey doesn’t entertain men. She believes no man should get honey without money and has been preaching about it on her YouTube channel.

The controversial media personality has advised women, not to date broke men especially the married ones who have nothing to offer other than sex.

‘Never ever date a broke man. It is a waste of sin. It is wrong, illegal, and any broke man who is married and trying to cheat shindwe, you have to pick a struggle. You cannot be broke, married and trying to cheat,’ she said in her YouTube channel.


‘Women, if he hits on you and he’s married he better be rich. Don’t be with a broke man. That’s a waste of sin! Even the devil won’t like it if you go to hell. If you gonna date a married man, he better be rich, have money… you’re there for the money. don’t fall in love with a married man. He is never going to leave his wife for you.’

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Her sentiments ignited mixed reactions which include;

eunahnjeri Ukweli mtupu

Cartoon 254 Very informative.

wambuimc Mwathani ati waste of sin…..uuuuuiiiii. True though

i_am_mwangi_muiruri Pia men never date a woman with no money ndio alikushow he love u unajua it direct from heart si njaa

jbwatalii Not only is it a sin, but it’s like stealing an empty handbag

valrain How about don’t date a married man period

cheese_n_chicken She damn right 🙌🙌

fitlife_ke Yaaaassss, usherati ni expensive 👏👏

innocent.s.kiprotich And why should one date a married man in the first place

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