Eodie Zone

YouTuber Elodie Zone and NRG presenter is trending after she addressed some of the assumptions that people had about her.

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The 22-year-old lass, who once dated Mwai Kibaki’s grandson Sean Andrew, rubbed Kenyans the wrong way after making a series of remarks.

Elodie Zone

In a video titled ‘Assumptions about me’ , Elodie said that she dropped out of the United States International University (USIU) because the institution had traditional methods of teaching.

Are you serious meme
Are you serious meme. photo credit: memecrunch

The YouTuber, who rarely speaks Swahili said she’s not fluent in the national language because of the schools she attended.

She went ahead to tell people using Android phones to upgrade and this left many unhappy.

She wrote,

I used to have to face the people that would bully me online, in school. That’s why I am not scared of people that hide behind their android screens 😂 please upgrade 🤚🏽 “the old Elodie” that many claim to miss is gone.

The YouTuber shared another video titled ‘Get to know me’, where she talks about the expensive international schools she attended and her experience at the institutions.

She claims she was bullied at one of the prestigious schools in Kenya.

An honest sit-down video of me opening up to everyone about who I am. This is proof to myself that I am will never be apologetic about the blessings in my life and through that, I will never let anyone that looks down on it, impact me negatively. I can live with the title of ‘mean girl’, or ‘a snob’, from people that have never met me, but alongside that, I shall live with the title ‘a fighter who for some reason couldn’t be stopped'” she wrote.

At the end of the video, she doesn’t apologize for her earlier remarks sparking more reactions among Kenyans.

Some of the comments include;

nyamuu You’d make a good MPesa agent girl huko tao, asking people for their IDs with madharau😹😹😹

Joyce Kiiru I don’t think her Target audience is Kenyans…..

Azad Ali Your getting attacked online cause of your trash personality 🚮

diana_koku We have had so many kids from poor backgrounds who have gone through hell and they get blessed become rich but they never look down on others.. sasa wewe you want to come with the excuse of being bullied as an excuse for you slamming people on social media??? Rudeness and a bad attitude is not an excuse .. own up grow up and get your shit together girl.. bado unamea hujafika bado mdem!!! we’ve all been bullied in one way or another.. and sijai kaa chini and start looking down on people because I went through that. We are not the reason you were bullied so.. alama ya Duku Duku! ✌🏿

MC Swish Kuchunwa forehead ni bullying watu wa group of schools heh😂watu wangu wa mixed day and boarding tupatane nyuma ya tent 😂

Noelle Jasmine: Elodie, people get back the same energy they give out…You give bad energy…..You get bad energy back!!!!Simple

samantharoberts204 😂😂😂😂😂lol,the girl just told you a storyline of a highschool movie and just like that, you are kissing her ass again.

New Black entertainment The title needs to be ‘Get to know my Expensive school history’

Baby Tesfaye No one calls this girl a rich kid but the way she’s bringing it up, it’s like she wants us to call her that.Ghai anyway

nyamuu Pesa huisha lakini😹. Hizi android unatusi unaweza jipata ukitumia ata kabambe😹😹😹. Money has wings, literally 😹😹

lagat.k but you really didn’t have to say behind android screens😪😪😅😅😪

Dina Rubadiri Let us be Honest about the REAL Reason we are “Attacking” Elodie. This girl is Seriously too Damn Proud, Social Media, unfortunately, has created a vanity within her that has allowed her to Believe that she’s Famous. She is focussed on comparing her hair; her iPhone; her travel vlogs; her Instagram followers; her IG likes with everyone else. She fails to focus on what really matters – Her Spirit and her Personality. Honestly, how can you attack people because they use Androids? How can you tell us you were bullied in Highschool then go ahead and Troll people Online? Elodie; if Instagram and iPhones disappeared and the whole world went blind, honestly who would you Impress?