Jacky Awinja

Kenyan actress cum radio host Jacky Vike alias Awinja has opened up on what life was like growing up with an alcoholic father.

The mother of one says that it was embarrassing the things her late father put her and her family through just because of a drink.

My dad would sing when drunk and other kids would hear and see him.

When I went to class the next day when they saw me they would then start singing the songs my dad was singing while drunk.

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Awinja adds,

It was very embarrassing. He loved his drink and would drink every day.

Asked whether anyone from her family has picked up after her dad’s drinking behaviour Awinja says,

A person’s character is very personal. It is a choice when  one picks it.For habits like drinking,no one held a gun to your head.

What we should say a child has picked from their parents are characters such as humility, sense of humour etc.

Despite growing up under such a tough environment, Awinja has gone on to make a name for herself especially in the local show ‘Papa Shirandua’.

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