Here’s five things that can happen if you do end up sharing beauty products.

1. Unwanted Germs
People can be unconcerned about using other people’s beauty products, in a way they probably wouldn’t be about using someone else’s toothbrush.

Too true.

However, you are running the risk of sharing more than you bargained for.

Notably, this includes dead skin cells and, even more worryingly, germs.

Per the Independent, cold and flu germs can live in makeup along with other easily spreadable illnesses.

2. Bacterial Skin Infections
Harmful bacteria can be transferred via makeup brushes and products themselves, potentially leading to a noticeable reaction on your skin.

If you have to buy beauty products in jars, then don’t just put your fingers in to take out [the] product — and certainly never let anyone else.

Instead, it is recommended that we use a wooden spatula or lollipop stick to scoop out creams and lotions.

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3. Breakouts
One of the most obvious reasons not to share makeup, brushes, or skincare, breakouts are often caused by the acne bacteria is itself promoted by the transference of oil and dirt.

Even if you don’t normally have acne or spots, sharing products can cause you to suffer a breakout and develop whiteheads, blackheads or pimples

And depending on what type of products are being shared, these are likely to appear on a person’s face, neck, chest, back, and shoulders.

4. Eye Infections
Never share a friend’s mascara, no matter how much you love it!

Eyes are not protected in the same way as skin. Therefore, eye infections can rapidly occur with ease.

Eye lashes naturally contain bacteria that is transferred onto the mascara wand as the product is applied.

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